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Corporate Social Responsibility - CSR

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) scheme integrates the company’s business model with a strategy that reflects the ethical values, fundamental principles and respect for people, the community and the environment.

These are some of the beneficial CSR initiatives and actions undertaken by WTC Montevideo Free Zone:

  • Obtaining LEED certification and complying with its international standards.
  • Implementation of Campaña de Reciclaje de Residuos (Waste Recycling Campaign): we asked our clients to cooperate in order to obtain better results through effective waste classification and recycling.
  • Informative activities on Health and Prevention and First Aid Training carried out by SEMM and MP.
  • Sports promotion by means of fostering bicycle commuting and providing parking space.
  • Training activities (workshops, events, conferences and breakfasts) that contribute to refresh knowledge in different areas of specialization.
  • Setting up our own workplace carpool scheme to facilitate commuting of a number of people who work in the tower. Complimentary parking is provided.
  • Donations to renowned non- profit organizations and projects, such as: Casa Ronald Mc Donald / DESEM/ MEGA EXPERIENCIA ENDEAVOR/ FUNDACIÓN LOGROS & IMPACTA / JUBILAR / TECHO.
  • Community support through the promotion of a number of campaigns: Campaña del Abrigo Montevideo Shopping, Campaña de la Noche de la Nostalgia by Fundación Alejandra Forlán, Campaña de Prevención de Lucha contra el Cáncer de Mama.
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LEEDcertification, which stands for "Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design", is awarded by the USGB . As a result of this certification WTC Montevideo Free Zone became the first LEED tower in Uruguay, by virtue of its high standards of construction and environmental protection.

During construction, WTC Free Zone met LEED’s standards and requirements in order to become a "green building" through the use of a range of cutting-edge technologies aimed at the protection of the environment and the creation of healthier workplaces. Nearly 100% of the area occupied by the tower has natural light and exterior views, which improves productivity and quality of work life.

Furthermore, in contrast with other standard buildings, this 24-storey tower, which has green roofs, saves 11% on energy as a result of its curtain wall façade and 30% on sanitary water consumption given the characteristics of its sanitary facilities.