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The Hackett Group

Fecha de Cierre 31 Marzo 2019
Nombre del puesto: Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Developer
Objetivos del trabajo: This position will be part of our Innovation Center. The Center acts as an incubator for new products and services for our clients on top of the latest Technology Industry trends. 
Principales tareas: As a machine learning dev you will need to:
  • Understand and use computer science fundamentals, including data structures, algorithms, computability and complexity and computer architecture.
  • Use mathematical skills, in order to perform computations and work with the algorithms involved in this type of programming.
  • Produce project outcomes and isolate the issues that need to be resolved, in order to make programmes more effective.
  • Collaborate with data engineers to build data and model pipelines.
  • Manage the infrastructure and data pipelines needed to bring code to production.
  • Demonstrate end-to-end understanding of applications (including, but not limited to, the machine learning algorithms) being created.
  • Build algorithms based on statistical modelling procedures and build and maintain scalable machine learning solutions in production.
  • Use data modelling and evaluation strategy to find patterns and predict unseen instances.
  • Apply machine learning algorithms and libraries.
  • Lead on software engineering and software design. 
  • Communicate and explain complex processes to people who are not programming experts. 
  • Liaise with stakeholders to analyse business problems, clarify requirements and define the scope of the resolution needed. 
  • Analyse large, complex datasets to extract insights and decide on the appropriate technique.
  • Research and implement best practices to improve the existing machine learning infrastructure.
  • Provide support to engineers and product managers in implementing machine learning in the product.
Requisitos: Skill Set:
  • Computational statistics
  • Data mining
  • Exploratory data analysis
  • Predictive analytics.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills 
  • The ability to explain complex process to people who aren't programming experts 
  • Strong analytical skills
  • High attention to detail
  • Innovation and creativity
  • The ability to work with large, complex datasets.
Experience in computer programming is a must, ML/AI with one or more of the following: Java, Python and C+.
Advanced English level.
Horario: - Horario de 14hrs hasta 20hrs, de lunes a viernes.
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