& Environment

WTC Montevideo Free Zone is committed to raising awareness of the Community on the environment, its preservation, its causes and consequences and even more about the positive impact of developing more efficient systems of natural resources.

This is how we work on the sustainable and sustainable development of the organization, promoting actions, policies and activities that contribute to environmental care, human development and a good quality of work and personal life.

From the construction of both Towers aligned with the LEED Certification regulations, three main strategic lines are worked on: Community, Building and Communication.


Implementation of CSR programs, health actions that contribute to a better quality of life, exclusive events of various themes, training programs and promotion of job opportunities.


LEED certification, correct classification of waste and its subsequent recycling, efficient use of electricity and water, smart tower, promotion of carpool, spaces with natural light and green areas, among others.


Broadcasting and accessibility of information through media platform, promoting in-house campaigns.