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A new Challenge

Taking into account the importance of building the Community and bringing high-value content, the Free Zone Talks Cycle emerges. Each talk is defined by its content, categorizing itself into: LEADING TALKS, FINANCIAL TALKS, HR TALKS, HEALTHY TALKS, among others. Also and on a monthly basis, an edition is developed in Panel format, consisting of three entrepreneurs of the Complex and a moderator.

The segments of audiences to whom TALKS are headed are four:

1- Panel with Entrepreneurs from the Complex

2- Exclusive Events for Leaders

3- Events with themed verticals

4- Events for the entire Community

Free Zone Talks is a cycle characterized by its flexibility and very complete proposal that covers many varied themes, which seek to reflect the interests of the different audiences that make up the Community. Its duration is compact of 45 minutes plus 15 minutes for questions.

Some of the talks that have formed the 2020 Cycle:

Panel on "Present and future of top technology companies in our country." They participated: Jacobo Singer, COO dLocal , Gabriel Kurman RIF Strategy Lead I0V Labs and Rodrigo Larrimbe CFO Etermax.

Claudio Destéfano. Journalist in the political and financial areas of both Argentina and Uruguay. "Clock and Calendar. What should our company look like if it was born today?"

Sol Fajardo. Professional in the area of HR and with extensive experience in Argentina. "HR hacking the uncertainty".

Conference on Taxation in Argentina and Uruguay, organized by KPMG Argentina and Uruguay, CFA Society Uruguay and Argentina and, WTC Montevideo Free Zone. "Taxation for foreign residents in Argentina and Uruguay".

Martín Sarthou, journalist of international juncture on the context of the region and the USA." Versus Academy Politics."

Dr. Andrés Alvarez. MP Corporate Medicine Manager." How do we take care of our dream in the current situation?"

Mr. Miguel Kazarev. Professional in the area of Nutrition and Sports. "Nutrition in times of quarantine".

Real Moms. "Best Trip of Your Life" Carolina Anastasiadis and Federica Cash.

Mr. Carolina Bellora. Professional in the HR area well recognized in Argentina and in the region. "La Vuelta: reimagining the world of work".

Michael G. McMillan. CFA, PhD, CPA, CCEP, Director. "Professionalism and Ethics". Decision-making when there are ethical dilemmas.


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