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About WTC Montevideo Free Zone

WTC Montevideo Free Zone is the Free Trade Zone of Services of World Trade Center Montevideo Complex that combines all the advantages of operating from a top international business complex with the tax efficiency that exporting services under Uruguay’s Free Trade Zone Regime entails.

How do we support our clients?

In collaboration with our partners, we provide consultancy services on legal and financial matters and human resources recruitment. We run training courses in healthcare, quality of life, languages as well as workshops and conferences given by renowned professionals. We have entered into strategic alliances which directly benefit our clients and their staff by improving their skills and productivity.

How do we interact with our clients?

We have developed WTC Montevideo Free Zone Community, and according to an annual calendar, we organize corporate and theme events in addition to conferences and highly specialized training workshops and activities which promote professional development.

Clients’ profile

Over ninety companies have already chosen WTC Montevideo Free Zone to carry out their global business activities.

Some of them are:

  • One of the global market leaders in the fast food business.
  • Three of the four top agribusiness and trading companies. Agribusiness & Trading.
  • The most important business intelligence provider in Latin America.
  • Renowned IT companies.
  • Renowned IT companies.

The companies operating in 48 offices on the two floors of Innovation Center belong to multiple sectors: commodity traders, legal, financial, technology or advertising advisory services , architectural design and project management, marketing, business internationalization consultants, quality assurance of consumer product companies, among others.


WTC Montevideo Free Zone comprises a team of qualified professionals with different fields of expertise. They provide companies with quality comprehensive services once they decide to set up their business in the tower.

To this end, they provide technical assistance through the architects in charge of the Operations Division, legal and commercial advice on the procedure to obtain the approval to operate as Users of a Free Trade Zone and personal attention through the Customer Care Division.

Likewise, the Administration provides other services such as: reception, service entrance control, energy and sanitary water supply, thermal conditioning of the common areas, maintenance of elevators and common areas. These services integrate the common expenses.

Advantages of operating in WTC Montevideo Free Zone:

  • A strategic location in the region and in the city
  • The wide availability of public transport reduces the time the personnel spends commuting
  • There are international banks, universities, restaurants, hotels and health centres less than 5 minutes away and the largest shopping mall in the country, Montevideo Shopping, is right next to the Free Zone.
  • 24 floors of office space
  • Innovation Center’s two stories: 48 offices
  • Over 1100 people working
  • Top building infrastructure
  • High security standards
  • Modern, reliable connectivity systems
  • First LEED tower in Uruguay
  • International rooftop heliport