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WTC Free Zone is the ideal context for the development of your global business activities. While benefitting from a sound and advantageous legal framework, a strategic location in the region, easy access from any spot of the city and a top building infrastructure which offers high security levels and the first LEED tower in the country, you will find it the ideal place to develop your business activities by communicating with the rest of the world through highly reliable cutting-edge telecommunication systems.

Sound and advantageous legal framework

The Free Trade Zone Regime was established in our country under Act 15.921, also called the Free Zones Act, which was passed on December 17th, 1987. Said Act declared the promotion and development of Free Trade Zones in Uruguay of national interest and set the rules for their exploitation, providing major tax benefits:

  • An exemption of all national taxes, whether existent or to be created in future (Income Tax, VAT, Net Worth Tax, among others).
  • Free entry and exit of currencies.
  • Foreign citizens can be hired and they may opt out of the Uruguayan social security system.
  • The State - subject to liability for all damages - guarantees users all the rights, benefits and tax exemptions they are entitled to by law until the termination of the contract.
  • Since Free Trade Zones do not fall under the jurisdiction of the State monopolies, the cost of communication and other services are lower.

Strategic location

Twenty minutes away from Carrasco International Airport and from the Port of Montevideo, WTC Montevideo Free Zone is an integral part of the most important AAA business complex in Uruguay

A prominent context where the interaction between world class firms and the rest of World Trade Center Montevideo complex boosts business opportunities and generates a unique business environment in the region.


The wide availability of public transport reduces commuting time as well as costs borne by users while it contributes to improving the quality of life of those working in it.

Top building infrastructure

WTC Montevideo Free Zone has been conceived with state-of-the-art architectural design, which has incorporated the latest technology and the best materials.

High security standards

The security system has been designed bearing in mind the needs of our most demanding clients and with the support of qualified experts with vast experience at the international level.

In addition to the building surveillance, the surrounding areas are protected through the interconnection of the security systems of the other buildings which compose the complex (Montevideo Shopping and World Trade Center Montevideo).


LEED certification (www.usgbc.org/leed), which stands for "Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design", is awarded by the USGBC (US Green Building Council), a non-profit organization that promotes sustainability in the design, construction and operation of buildings throughout the world.


Through Latechco (www.latechco.com) cutting-edge telecommunication and IT services are offered in WTC Montevideo Free Zone.

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